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Hi, I'm Brooke! Thanks for stopping by, I'm so glad you're here! Let me introduce myself!

I love good coffee, Rainbow Chip icing, Dewey’s Pizza, bingeing a good show on Netflix, traveling and getting lost in a good book. And I'm obsessed with my pup, Ollie! 

Why 637? As a collegiate, I joined a sorority (something I never thought I'd EVER do) and was surrounded by wonderful sisters through out my college days... And beyond! I was the 637th person initiated into the Epsilon Alpha chapter of Kappa Delta and when I needed a business name, it just stuck!

I have been a wedding and portrait photographer for over a decade now and over the years, I've realized that I love documenting life. So on wedding days, I love capturing the big moments but I also love capturing the in-between moments… The hugs between family, the laughs between friends, & the stolen glances between you and your love. I tend to try be like a fly on the wall and capture the day as it unfolds because each wedding has a story all of its own. And my job as the photographer is to capture that story for my clients and their future families to relive for years to come. 

And not only am I a wedding photographer… I am a hair fix-er, a dress bustle-er, a cell phone holder, a navigator, a bouquet holder, a ninja and a seamstress, among countless other things. I do any job that I can to ensure your wedding day is the best day! If you choose to have a reception with a dance, I fully anticipate on busting a move with you & hope to become best friends with your grandma.

When it comes to photographing families, I want to photograph WHO you are as people. And how you interact as a family. The perfectly composed portrait with big smiles and everyone looking at the camera is great and I want to get that photo for you. But I also want to get the photo of you laughing with your spouse, playing with your kids, or snuggling with your dog. Whatever your family looks like, I want to capture what makes it special.

I love taking pretty photos and making genuine connections with new friends. 

If you're anxious to work with someone who feels more like a friend than a vendor, I'm your gal! Please use the button below to hit me up via the contact page so we can set aside some time to chat!

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three things you should know about me


Hopeless Romantic

If I'm watching a movie, you can almost guarantee it's a rom-com. The happily ever after at the end gets me every time!


Guilty Pleasure

I am a huge fan of the Bachelor franchise. I can't help getting swept up in all the romance and amazing locations. A dream of mine is to photograph someone from the show!


Disney Fanatic

I was an intern as Walt Disney World in 2009 and ever since then I've been in love with Disney. Visiting the parks is one of my favorite vacations to go on!

Instagram is my favorite: @studio637photography

(Even if I am awful at updating it consistently. Haha.)